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A New Beginning, Again

Excited to post that we are redoing our website! First post completed! Now how do I do this? Oh noes, this could take a while. Please be patient with us. We are figuring this out as we go just like you know lyfe. Today, October 11th, is also National Coming Out Day.

National Coming Out Day was started back in 1988 and is a great opportunity for folks that are ready to come out to do it all at once at the same time. If you are not ready to come out that is very ok and no one should pressure you to do something until you are ready. We recognize and respect the closet lyfe and our agency has always been there for those in our community who need a safe discreet place to talk with someone confidentially. Come out or stay in. We respect and will be here to support how you choose celebrate today. We are celebrating today by repairing and transforming this website.

Youtube videos guide our way 9 minutes at a time. Who has time for those hour long webinars? We do. But after the third one it became apparent the hour long tutorials have about 9 minutes worth of useful information so now we know. Still open for testing! Seriously if you came in right now I could stop working on this mess for the 20 minutes it takes to test you. Please give me a 20 minute break and you would know your status!

Healthy Living Projects